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My Nan Fed A Goat A Cigarette Once…and Other Reasons I’m Obsessed With Them

Ever since I was tiny and took my first trip to the local petting zoo I been obsessed with Goats.  My Nan, in an attempt to prove to me that the cloven hoofed species will literally eat anything, actually fed one a cigarette once.  She was a crazy old Irish lady mind, who also had a penchant for foxes and stray cats (makes more sense now, doesn’t it?).   Although I refrain from following in her antics and feeding them poisonous substances, I still go gaga around goaties.

I understand this blog post might be aimed at an extremely limited audience (please other Goat lovers, speak up!) but I felt I had to share the following blog all about my farmyard favorite which I was actually introduced to by the other S&TS ladies.  Even if you aren’t a fan, this still makes for some hilarious viewing, if not just for the ‘witty’ captions.  Enjoy!

>>>>>>>>GOATS ON STUFF<<<<<<<<

goats blog goats on stuff goats tumblr goats website

goats on Stuff

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One comment on “My Nan Fed A Goat A Cigarette Once…and Other Reasons I’m Obsessed With Them

  1. jessicacatherinecreates
    February 4, 2013

    Fellow goat lover here. Getting a teeny one the day I have a big enough garden….

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