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Bodrum markets…a laughable shopping experience

Having just flown back from a delightful little getaway to Turkey, one of the highlights of my trip has to be visiting the Turkish markets in Bodrum.  Remember that scene in Sex and the City 2 where the women go shopping in the markets?  Imagine that but on a more ‘only fools and horses’ scale.  To be honest, it was slightly surreal seeing every other stall selling snide Superdry and Hollister hoodies while we were melting in the 40 degree heat, but hey, if you can get them that cheap, why not stash it for when you get home?! 

Even if you aren’t out to shop much, it is worth visiting the markets just for the sheer banter.  With every Turkish stall holder vying for your attention, they have managed to pick up a lot of English phrases to catch you off guard.  Here are some of the best:

1.  ‘Helloooo what is your name?! Mine is Eddie Murphy!’

2. ‘Cheaper than Primark, cheaper than Asda, cheaper than shoplifttttinggg!’

3. ‘ Vicky, Mel C, Melly B, Baby, Geriiii!!!’

I do believe it is time they updated their subscription to Heat Magazine.


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