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Watch out, the near naked flash mobs are about

Lingerie Francaise Lingerie Parade lingerie flash mob 1950's pin up lingerie

If you happen to be out and about in London tomorrow (Tuesday 19 July) and come face to face with many a scantily designer clad lady, don’t panic.  Lingerie Francaise are hosting the Lingerie Parade, an interactive lingerie flash mob dance throughout the day, using 50’s style pin-up girls to celebrate some of France’s biggest lingerie brands here in the UK.  And what else screams guaranteed publicity like near-naked ladies?

Kicking off at 18 Grovesnor  Square at 10:30, going via Selfridges, Fenwicks, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and finishing off at Rigby and Peller, let’s just hope those girls don’t cause any accidents (remember the car crashes Eva Herzigova’s ‘Hello Boys’ Wonderbra billboard caused in America?)

While there is no doubt this is a playful, harmless act of guerilla marketing, there is the element of irony given the recent SlutWalk demonstration here in London. The SlutWalk movement started in Canada, as a response to police officer Michael Sanguinetti’s advice to a group of students that ‘women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised’.

So what will the SlutWalk movement make of tomorrow’s flash mobs?  Could it be seen as an extension to their cause, or is it demeaning given the gravity of SlutWalk’s aims compared to underwear promotion? What do you think?

Witness the Lingerie Parade flash mob for yourself at these central London locations:

10.30am Grosvenor Square

11.30am Selfridges

12pm Fenwicks

1pm Harvey Nichols

1.30pm Harrods

2.30pm Fortnum and Mason

3pm Rigby and Pellor, Conduit Street


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