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Mulberry’s billion pound price tag

My lust for an ‘Alexa’ is slowly turning into a must.  Having spent a considerable amount of (wasted, some might say)  time daydreaming about the day when I own my own – note the lack of ‘if’ in this sentence – my infatuation was only spurred on last night when I came face to face with the Angel of all Mulberry bags…

Mulberry Alexa bag Mulberry Alexa satchel Mulberry Alexa 2011 Mulberry Alexa Chung bag

This white ‘Alexa’ Satchel formed part of the display at the Christmas Press launch for Selfridges…and I thoroughly believe if the old Arc Angel was en Vogue, he would have been sporting this beauty.  But alas, it seems I am not the only one taken over by the power of this quintessentially British brand.  This week it was announced that Mulberry have tipped the £1 billion profit margin, making them the WORLD’S top performing brand this year.  And the ‘Alexa’ alone counts for around 30% of that.  Not bad for a Somerset based label.

So maybe there is a lesson to be learned from all of this?   Maybe, as we are just pulling ourselves out of this godforsaken recession, we want to invest our money in British made goods, who we know and trust…Maybe it is time to start investing in likewise companies…


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One comment on “Mulberry’s billion pound price tag

  1. blondekatie
    July 21, 2011

    It’s amazing that the Alexa bag makes up 30% of their sales, it’s becoming the Birkin of the 2010s, except with a way more accessible price point!

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