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My new favourite lip colour: Une Sheer Lips Balm

The stuff you get in goody bags is rarely blog-worthy, but I’ve made an exception for the brilliant Sheer Lips Balm by Une – a tinted lip balm that actually delivers what it promises.

Une sheer lips balm

I’m not a big fan of wearing lipstick during the day. I love a bright red or fuschia every so often for a night out, but for weekdays at work I tend to go with just a slick of lip balm. In search of something slightly more substantial, I actually came up with a my own homemade concoction of Maybelline NY Dream Soft Blush in Plum mixed with a fingerful of good old Vaseline – intended to give moisture but with a hint of colour. But I can now stop my amateur makeup mixology because it turns out such a product already exists. I came across it in the goody bag from the Boutique 10K run that I did a few weeks ago: Une Sheer Lips Balm is a moisturising lip balm that also gives a touch of colour. It comes in eight natural tones and is available on for £7.99. The balms may look opaque, but the colour is a lot more subtle on application, and it genuinely has a hydrating effect, unlike many lipsticks which promise both moisture and colour but are actually quite dry on the lips.

Une sheer lips balm

I had never heard of French beauty brand Une before. According to their website, Une are all about organic ingredients and the majority of their products are certified by the Ecocert label (they also don’t like anyting to stay still, apparently). With an emphasis on natural beauty, the range is definitely worth a look  if you’re a devotee of the ‘barely there’ school of makeup.

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One comment on “My new favourite lip colour: Une Sheer Lips Balm

  1. kccc5
    August 2, 2011

    I have to laugh…I got a goody bag with a Dior lipcolor that I absolutely love…and fell in love with…and damn…if that color ain’t discontinued…so sad…so sad…lol…I guess that is why it was in the goody bags…BOO…they were trying to get rid of it…

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