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Brand Alert: The lesser known side to Havianas

To be honest I never really buy in to things like flip-flops…I mean, if I need them on holiday I’ll grab the cheapest pair I can find (usually accompanying a magazine as a free gift at the airport).  They aren’t exactly a ‘must-have’ when it comes to our British climate.

However, this year I decided to finally invest in a decent pair despite myself, and as it turns out, I’m kind of kicking myself I didn’t bother sooner.  Having splashed out a little bit more money than what I would spend on Glamour mag, I got my hands on a decent pair of Havaianas.  And I would thoroughly recommend them. 

Havianas 2011 turquoise gold flip flops sandals


Now, I’m not going to bleat on and make this sound like product advertisement, but having looked more into the actual brand, here are some points on Havaianas that are slightly less known:  

A few little factoids:

  • They have been around since 1962…that basically means they are a heritage brand by today’s standards.
  • They are actually given out at the Oscars to nominees.
  • They have launched a Wellies range this year to rival Hunters, so they can get a slice of that Winter/festival action too.
  • From 2000 AD (obviously) you can get Havaianas in over 60 countries.  Not bad going really.
  • They are inspired by Zori (traditional Japanese sandals using rice straw soles).  That’s why all Havaianas have a textured rice straw pattern on the foot bed!  Bet you’ll go and check now.   

Havainas flip flops 2011 gold turquoise sandals

I’m just now clutching on to what is left of this pathetic British summer to wear them again.


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