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Style Alert: Fearne Cotton and the invasion of Aussie Brands

There are very few people’s style I actually admire.  I mean, I would die to look like an Olsen twin, yet others think they look like the richest homeless kids going.  But that’s what makes fashion fun I guess-differences of opinion.  And in my humble opinion, when this image of Fearne Cotton landed in my mailbox I just couldn’t stop staring at it, and felt compelled to share.    

Fearne Cotton 2011 Style Evil Twin Snake Rattle and Roll festival dress polo

Cotton’s ability to looked relaxed and like she hasn’t tried too hard is a definite style win with me.  And let’s face it, there is nothing a decent leather jacket can’t fix, (unless it’s teamed with leather trousers and you DON’T own a motorbike-so God help you).

And for some time now, I have been label watching several Aussie brands which are taking off in the UK (Style Stalker, Wheels & Doll Baby etc) and recognise Fearne’s dress as being by fellow Aussie label Evil Twin.  The bonafide rocker brand’s latest collection is definitely worth a look if you are, likewise, a Fearne fan.

The only way I’d improve this dress would be with some absolute killer heels, but when you’re attending a party on a lawn, you aren’t going to want to sink into the grass.  Well thought through Cotton.

 (P.S. Anyone else spot Ronnie Wood in his high tops in the background?)


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One comment on “Style Alert: Fearne Cotton and the invasion of Aussie Brands

  1. blondekatie
    August 15, 2011

    dammit i’m not a Fearne fan but those are some undeniably good tights. and a good jacket. and excellent Ronnie Wood spot too haha!

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