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Festival beauty essentials – don’t forget to pack light

With V Festival this weekend, Reading and Leeds not far off and my own pick of the summer – Bestival – rounding up the British festival season, we thought we’d spare a thought for girls everywhere trying to decide that all important niggling question – what should I take?? 

1. Pack light – despite the bundle of beauty and toiletries suggestions that are about to come your way, don’t take tons of stuff. Style & Then Some has rigorously tested all the following items to make sure they won’t break your back on the walk from the carpark to the spot of grass that will be your home for the next few days.

Batiste dry shampoo XXL volume festival beauty essentials

2. Hair – This is the big one. You can do what I did in Glastonbury a few years back and lean back limbo style as a friend poured a bottle of cold water over my now dreadlocked mane but I wouldn’t suggest it. So get your hair as neat as possible for the first day there, then try two plaits on day two or three if it’s looking too awful.

Your secret weapon is dry shampoo which I don’t tend to use in everyday life but screams to be used at festivals. Give Batiste’s new Dry Shampoo XXL Volume a shake, spray 30cm from your roots then don’t forget to massage it in. Also, it’s worth packing a mini hair brush, like the Dinky Denman Brush to tidy up straggly ends. Don’t go overboard though – remember you’re there for the music.

optrex eyedew dazzling eye drops festival beauty essentials

3. Eyes – If like me you can’t even see the biggest letter on the optician’s board, your best bet will be to get some daily contact lenses that you can just chuck out when you stumble back to your tent every night/ morning. A few drops of Optrex Eyedew Dazzling Eye Drops will perk up tired eyes a few hours later and Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent is a pricey but very essential under-eye concealer. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never use a knock-off again.

Halo wet wipes festival beauty essentials

4. Cleanliness – Is this even a remote possibility, I hear you cry. Yes. You just need to overdose on wet wipes before you go. My mother first packed some Halo wipes into my bag for my first ever festival in Benicassim, Spain. And now they do a whole range – Deodorant wipes, Moist toilet tissue, Handy Hygienic Wipes, Eye Make-up remover pads and even Toilet and Surface wipes. Tents get hot in the morning whether you’re in Spain or Leeds so don’t leave home without them.

veet easy to use wax strips festival beauty essentials

5. Legs – OK, your choices are these: wear leggings the whole time or prepare before you go. You don’t want to be waking up and frantically shaving the bottom half of your legs every morning. It is not conducive to festival frivolity.

Veet has a new set of EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips which are designed to be effective on short hair. So have a home waxing session a week before the fest and even if disaster strikes, there still shouldn’t be too much maintenance.

6. Looking fantastic – Take a small mirror, whack some eyeliner on outside in the daylight and drink lots of alcohol. As long as everyone else is drunk on music, the country air and cider you’ll never have looked better.


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