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Join the call to bring the Alexander McQueen exhibition home

Fashion editor Melanie Rickey thinks that New York’s recent Alexander McQueen exhibition should be brought home to London – and we couldn’t agree more.

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You can’t have missed the acres of web space recently devoted to Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, the exhibition that was held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art this summer. Heck, there were street style blog posts and articles written about the queue on the last weekend alone, when closing time was extended to midnight to meet visitor demand. I don’t think a queue has had that must press coverage since the Eurostar disaster at King’s Cross St Pancras two Christmases ago (I should know – I got home to Holland three days late because of it).

My point is, the exhibition was a huge success. Described by Suzy Menkes in the New York Times as ‘exciting, stimulating and thought-provoking,’ it attracted 661,509 visitors between May and August. Which is great news, a fitting tribute to the all-too-short life of one of Britain’s greatest ever designers. But therein lies the rub: so far, there are no plans to hold the exhibition to Britain, and the city that Lee Alexander McQueen called home.

In an attempt to remedy this, Grazia’s Melanie Rickey (who you might know better as blogger @Fashedatlarge) has started a campaign to bring Savage Beauty to London, and we at Style & Then Some wholeheartedly support her efforts. Using an online petition and the hashtag #bringmcqueenexhibitionhome on Twitter, Rickey hopes to persuade the organisers to stage the show at the Victoria and Albert museum, London’s principal venue for fashion exhibitions. There’s no doubt it would be hugely popular, so would make sound financial sense. But more than that, the people of London deserve a chance to see up close the work of this visionary designer. A retrospective of the house of McQueen really belongs in the place where he lived, worked and, tragically, died.

If you, too, want to see Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty brought home to London, add your name to the more than 2,100 signatures on the online petition. While you’re at it, why not post on Twitter the reason you think the exhibition should come to London. Don’t forget the hashtag #bringmcqueenexhibitionhome.
UPDATE: Success! The McQueen exhibition WILL be coming to London, Fashedatlarge confirms. Job well done.



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