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(Hand) Made In Chelsea

There is nothing that divides people more than art.  Some people struggle with concepts that are not literally translated for them whereas others revel in the unknown.  I heard an analogy years ago that perfectly explained this.  It was a conversation between two people at an art gallery, looking at a piece of art depicting a rip in a canvas.  One person argues that anyone could do that (the logical thinker), whereas the other mused back ‘but no one has bothered before’ (the creative mind).

I was reminded of these feelings (as I have always felt somewhere in the middle of these two opposites) when I was taken round the Chelsea College of Art & Design MA show.  Now, I have to say, the work on display was mighty impressive, as you would expect, but I kept getting drawn to the work I felt I couldn’t wholly understand, and which left an after taste of mystery.  For example, the printed fabrics created by Jessica Chan stood out the most for me:

Jessica Chan 'Second Skin' Chelsea College of Art & Design MA Show

Perhaps it was because her thought processes that led to her designs could only be explained by the gorgeous patterns she had created, or the eye-catching colours she used.  Or perhaps that her accompanying sketchbook did not need words to provide the viewer with any literal translation.  Either way, I have no desire to probe, as I found her work stunningly thought-provoking and enticing.  After all, why explain the mystery away in a few seconds, when you can leave people guessing forever. 

Jessica Chan 'Second Skin' Chelsea College of Art & Design MA Show

Jessica Chan 'Second Skin' Chelsea College of Art & Design MA Show

Perhaps this means I am less logical after all.

To contact Jessica Chan directly, please email, or alternatively visit her blog




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One comment on “(Hand) Made In Chelsea

  1. blondekatie
    September 8, 2011

    They’re really beautiful prints, and I’m glad this blog didn’t turn out to be about that awful Chelsea reality TV show haha!

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