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My top 5 tips for bloggers at London Fashion Week

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Three quarters of the Style & Then Some team will be heading down to Somerset House next week (lucky Helen is off to New York on vacation) for London Fashion Week, taking place Friday 16 to Wednesday 21 September. It’s my fourth season as a blogger at LFW so hopefully I’ll be putting in to practice everything I’ve learned over the last year and a half. This could easily be summed up by stealing the Boy Scout motto: be prepared. Here are my top 5 tips for newbies at London Fashion Week.

1. Get to the shows early. Not just on time, but early, like at least 15 minutes before it’s due to start. PRs give out more tickets than there is space for the audience, and at almost every show there are a handful (or sometimes, a LOT) of disappointed ticket holders left on the wrong side of the closed doors when the show starts.

2. Take flat shoes. I once spent 15 hours in ankle boots with 4 inch heels and it was AGONY. Unless you’re willing to shell out a lot on cab fares get some cheap ballet shoes that you can slip on for those dashes between shows – they only need to last a week so it doesn’t matter if they get crushed in your bag.

3. Network. By that I don’t mean that you should force your business card down the throat of every person you meet, just chat to people. There’s lots of waiting around in between shows, and you never know who you might end up next to; they could be a valuable contact at a magazine, or a new designer who you could blog about. It’s an inaccurate cliché that everyone in fashion is cold and calculating. I’m still friends with some of the lovely people I got chatting to at LFW several seasons ago.

4. Tweet. Twitter really comes into its own at fashion week. You can keep track of which venues your new friends (see tip 4) are at, find out if shows are running late or which celebrities are on the front row, and generally keep up with the fashion week goss. Add a column for the hashtag #LFW to whichever Twitter app your using. And, of course, most importantly, follow @Style_ThenSome.

5. Get some sleep. with all the parties and events to go to every night it’s tempting to go wild , but if you want to make those 9am shows, or to survive a 12 hour day without a hangover, then take it easy. Plus, do you think the Sartorialist is going to want to photograph you when you look like death? Exactly.

We’ll be blogging and tweeting live from London Fashion Week starting next Friday 16 September.


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