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Mad hatters on the runway: Caroline Charles SS12

What? Caroline Charles SS12 at London Fashion Week

Where? BFC Showspace

When? Friday 16th September at 11am

Who? I met friendly fellow fashion blogger, Adam, from Harold Tilman from the BFC joined the bigwigs in the front row.

Caroline Charles was  simple and classic as usual, but this collection was all about the hats: wide brimmed summer hats tied to the models with ribbon, little trilbies, and lots of 1920s inspired low waistlines and short white gloves.

I loved the 1920s style pleats on the back of this cute, belted navy blue day dress. You might even say I got into a little bit of a flap over it. (Har har…)

These lovely high waisted black trousers were finished off with a bow, adding a twist to the otherwise very conservative outfit.

There were definitely references to early Chanel throughout the collection. This beautiful beaded and buttoned up collared shirt caused a flurry of photographs and whispers as everyone craned to get a better view.

I might go and hunt out that old school girl’s straw hat I have stashed away somewhere for next spring…


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