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Sister, Sister back on TV? Almost…

‘When did this happen?!’ and ‘Why was I not informed?!’ are two questions that have been plaguing me this past week, when, lo and behold, I walked straight up to a poster on a telephone box in New York advertising a new Tia and Tamera, a.k.a Sister, Sister show! 

Tia & Tamera's Reality show sister sister 2011

Those twins were my absolute Nickelodeon faves, and I followed them until the bitter end (the more dramatic uni days).  And so of course my inner freak went a bit wild when I saw the promo poster in Manhattan.  However, when I researched further in to this rather exciting TV caper, it turns out there will be no reunion of  the girls, Lisa, Roger and Ray, but is in fact a reality show following the twins which is already moving in to its second series.  Mmmm, slightly less enthused now.  And after watching a couple of clips on youtube, it’s no wonder this slipped under my radar.  I mean, if there ain’t no ‘go home Roger’ gag reel, then I ain’t that bothered. 

 Tia & Tamera's Reality show sister sister 2011

Either way, it did get me thinking.  What other childhood shows could come back into our lives and fill them with tweenage joy again?  Imagine a new Sabrina the Teenage witch!   Or Kenan and Kel?! Just hold the reality shows and bring back the fictional nonsense please.



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One comment on “Sister, Sister back on TV? Almost…

  1. blondekatie
    September 26, 2011

    I loved Sister Sister back in the nineties, it was essential school holiday morning viewing. I tell you what though, they’ve aged REALLY well. Like, I feel old looking at them.

    The reality show looks like a lot of manufactured ‘drama’ – this clip cracked me up

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