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YSL spark an art deco trend for the high street

If you are an avid follower of Style & then some (and why wouldn’t you be?!)  you may have noticed my numerous comments, posts and mentions of THE Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval ring I have been materially obsessed with since the Spring.  I even bought a cheap and cheerful imitation from H&M but it just didn’t feel the same…

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So it wasn’t with that much deliberation that I snapped the original up when I came across one of the last Arty Oval’s in my size in the New York YSL store.  I may have even referred to the shop assistant as an ‘angel’.  The whole episode is still slightly fuzzy.  And to me, it was worth the money, compared to my H&M copy.  And having seen many, many other copycat YSL rings popping up in Topshop, Miss Selfridge et al, I do find myself defending my precious against the haters (my Dad mainly – he just doesn’t understand these things).

YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, ring, costume jewellery, art deco, YSL Art Deco Ring, H&M jewellery, H&M ring

Either way, without the original, there can be no copies.  And in my opinion YSL couldn’t have done better.  For themselves, and for the high street.

The YSL Arty Oval ring is still available for £105 on Net-a-Porter.


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