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An [ethical] Affair To Remember

My Linda Mai Phung blue silk maxi dress arrived recently, to my great glee (and my dog’s surprise) as I ripped open the parcel with squeals of delight. It’s the one that I fell in love with at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris last month.

Linda Mai Phung, Judith dress, blue silk dress, ethical fashionLinda Mai Phung, Judith dress, blue silk dress, ethical fashion

I promptly wore it to a masquerade party last weekend. The compliments kept coming all night. There’s something so refreshingly simple about the design – it’s a flattering cut with a scoop neck line and a racer back which makes it feel a little understated and cool, and it’s a stunning electric blue. All in all, a recipe to make you stand out in just the right way.

I also have my eye on Phung’s gorgeous purple and pink silk ‘Annel’ jumpsuit. A friend pointed out that it looks every so slightly like a Star Trek uniform, but instead of putting me off, that only made me want it more (Captain Janeway was a big childhood heroine of mine). The only thing is, I found out that I got an amazing special 40% discount when I bought my dress at the Ethical Fashion Show, which explained it’s affordability. Her e-shop doesn’t go online until early next year, so at least that gives me time to save up for the 270 euros price tag. Having said that, though, non-sale Reiss and French Connection jumpsuits aren’t that much cheaper. It’s really not too bad then, considering you’re buying something unique, helping to save the planet and supporting a talented young designer all at the same time.

Linda Mai Phung Annel jumpsuit, silk pink and purple, ethical fashion
Annel jumpsuit (comes in black or dark purple and pink for 270 euros)
Linda Mai Phung, Adeline Blue dress, ethical fashion

Adeline dress (comes in blue or black for 215 euros)

I think I’m onto something big. And with a Linda Mai Phung wardrobe, there’s not too much of a chance of someone else showing up in the same outfit as me, now is there? Not for the moment, anyway… whoops, my secret is out!


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2 comments on “An [ethical] Affair To Remember

  1. blondekatie
    October 14, 2011

    Wow it looks gorge, and the gold mask matches it really well too. A very good find.

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