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Do it like a dude – Tycoon Neckwear and this season’s androgyny

Annie Hall Woody Allen Spring Summer 2012 androgyny tomboy Diane Keaton

2011 has been all about androgyny – from Andrej Pejic taking star turns on the Paris catwalks, to the laid-back tomboyish style seen at Celine and Stella McCartney for spring/summer 2012.

There’s nothing I would love more than to curl up in my boyfriend’s old dress-shirts – or throw on a pair of cigarette pants and channel my inner Katherine Hepburn for the night. Yet every time I seem to trial the trend, I keep running into the same problem. Or to be more precise, two problems.

Dolce and Gabbana AW11 Braces Androgyny D&G Autumn Winter 2011

Having a sizeable bosom may have made me the object of envy at school, but I do not make a convincing tomboy. Here’s a few reason’s why:

1)    Braces – not the clown type, but a slim-line black pair teamed with a crisp white shirt. The desired effect: 20s dandy, by way of YSL. The reality: Someone has just paint-rollered black lines across my chest, and made it scream ‘LOOK, I have HUGE BOOBS!’

2)    High-Waisted Trousers – think Diana Keaton, circa Annie Hall. The desired effect: gamine tomboy. The reality: emphasises that my chest can double up as a bookshelf. Handy.

TemperleyTailcoat Androgyny Spring Summer 2011 Tomboy trend tails tuxedo

3)    Tails – nothing cries tomboyish nonchalance as much as a man’s tailcoat. The desired effect: Bright Young Thing. The reality: Slutty showgirl.

With my experiments coming over less Katharine Hepburn and more Katie Price, I was ready to draw a line under this trend. That was until the clever lot at the Nest Blog introduced me to Tycoon Neckwear.

Tycoon Neckwear Women's bow tie Janelle Monae bow tie Tycoon bow tie Madelyn Somers

The brainchild of Madelyn Somers, the company recycles vintage mens ties into bespoke bow ties and retails from £40 upwards. Her quirky designs may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are gorgeous statement pieces, and have been snapped up by the likes of Janelle Monae and Spanish Vogue.

So simple and a confident nod to the tomboy trend. My two friends have never been happier.


2 comments on “Do it like a dude – Tycoon Neckwear and this season’s androgyny

  1. sophiecha
    October 26, 2011

    I have the same two problems you do and often find myself sighing over fashion that would look ugly on me. My list (not confined to the androgynous look) includes high necklines, peter pan collars, anything ruffly above the waistline, statement necklaces – depending on how they fall and anything too plunging as it makes me look like a wench.

    So basically anything other than a round neck or sweetheart neckline..

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