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Russian Doll Syndrome

Russian dolls Heals ornaments Seletti porcelain dinner set I don’t really know when I got hooked. Apparently it was my third birthday. Each present neatly piled on top of the next, ready to be decimated by the onslaught of another birthday. For me, it wasn’t so much what was held within the package – I wouldn’t spare a thought for the latest tropical Barbie or new Eternal single. It was the act of opening that held me in thrall.

Fast-forward twenty years and my ‘Russian doll syndrome’ resurfaced again when I saw these beautiful ornaments on the Heal’s website. In classic white porcelain, the objects had the facades of renaissance palaces etched onto them and were beautiful in their own right.

Russian dolls Heals ornaments Seletti porcelain dinner set

Imagine my surprise, then, when looking at the specs I realised that they weren’t just ornamental: when disassembled, the structures unfolded into a component of a beautiful dinner service. Palaces turned into plates: towers into tumblers. It was the kind of stuff that would have had my younger-self going giddy over.

Russian dolls Heals ornaments Seletti porcelain dinner set

Seletti – the clever people behind the range – apparently used the Renaissance and modular storage as inspiration. For young house-hunters it also has the bonus of doubling up as decorative and functional. Either way, this is already on my Christmas list. Boyfriends, take note.


One comment on “Russian Doll Syndrome

  1. Sophie Caldecott
    October 31, 2011

    I love this – I was always fascinated by tiny perfect things like this. I had a bit of a dollshouse obsession when I was younger…

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