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Wish me luck, I’m off to Stylist magazine for a day

Stylist 'Made by You' Issue 100 2011 Stylist 100th Issue Stylist written by readers 2 November 2011 Stylist reader competition Stylist online writer competition winner Stylist Made By You competition winner 2011

More exciting news for team Style & Then Some this week (following our feature on the Telegraph website last week) – I won a competition as part of Stylist magazine’s Made by you issue and I get to go and write for their website for a day. To celebrate the magazine’s 100th edition, virtually everything in the magazine that comes out on Wednesday 2 November will be produced by readers and they held a bunch of competitions to find writers, stylists, illustrators and designers for the issue.

For the online writer competition I had to write a top ten list like the ones they feature on the Stylist website. I chose a top ten of the funniest fictional Twitter accounts, featuring sample tweets from people like @Queen_UK. I also added to the email a list of five reasons that I thought they should pick me, so maybe that helped me stand out from the crowd. But it was still a huge surprise when Stephanie Wood,  Assistant Editor (Online), called me on Friday morning to say I was one of the two winners along with a girl called Stacey, who tweeted me later that day. Luckily, I recently reduced my hours at work to four days a week and my boss was happy to let me swap my non working day to Wednesday (she’s really supportive about my ‘extra curricular activities’ and was really pleased that I won). So I’ve got the all clear for my day at Stylist HQ and I can’t wait!

Stephanie says that I’ll be helping to write news stories in the morning and compiling photo galleries and lists in the afternoon. I’m really looking forward to seeing how a magazine production team works on a day to day basis, and getting some online writing tips from the pros. I’m also hoping I don’t make any major office faux-pas or somehow cause the entire website to crash. You can find out if that does happen by going to on Wednesday, and don’t forget to check back here later in the week when I’ll blog about how I got on.

Read about the Stylist ‘Made by you’ 100th issue.


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