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Our pick of the Selfridges winter tech line-up

Mulberry Simple Croc iPad Sleeve in Pink, Selfridges iPad case fashionable iPad cover designer iPad cover

There’s nothing worse than a smartphone or laptop accessory that’s pink and diamante’d up and the only option other than plain old black or silver. Fashion tech accessories are now a huge market and Selfridges is stepping up its game – they sent us a preview of their winter line-up and here are our favourites.

Mulberry Simple Croc iPad Sleeve £165

The clue is in the name: Mulberry’s series of iPad and MacBook sleeves are simple, chic and much more affordable than a handbag. You might not want to get your iPad out of this pink croc version.

Nixon Nomadic Headphones Selfridges 2011 over-ears technology accessories fashion tech accessory fashion earphones

Nixon Nomadic headphones £80

Nixon make great, stylish over-ear headphones like the Nomadic line-up that will also provide good padding for your ears and head. Who needs earmuffs when you’ve got these?

Etre Fingerpoint gloves Selfridges smartphone gloves technology accessories winter gloves

Etre Fingerpoint Gloves £40

You might have already experienced the first-world problem of your gloves not being compatible with your touchscreen but if you haven’t already, you will soon. The answer is to splash on a pair of specially made gloves that will allow you to use your phone without getting frostbite.

LG Giles Deacon Passive 3D glasses Selfridges 2011 3D TV fashion glasses Giles Deacon 3D glasses technology accessories winter 2011

LG Giles Deacon 3D Passive glasses £28

If you’re sat at home with a huge LG 3D TV, chances are you’re more into tech than being seen out and about in the latest trends. But with more and more of us having 3D film nights over at friends, you might want to think about an alternative to the horrid free (often white) ones that come in the box.


One comment on “Our pick of the Selfridges winter tech line-up

  1. The Teacup Agency
    November 6, 2011

    Might have to seriously get our hands on the Mulberry iPad case!

    Teacup x

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