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The annual boob-off is back | Victoria’s Secret Catwalk Show 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 Victoria's Secret show Victoria's secret modelsIt costs over £7 million to stage and boasts of the finest models in the industry. This year’s performers have an impressive 17 Grammies between them and the most expensive item of clothing on show includes a $2.5 million diamond bra.

Not bad going, considering Victoria’s Secret was originally invented in 1970s to save men embarrassment of openly buying sexy undies for their wives.

Well, thanks to the lavish affair that is their annual catwalk show, it’s quite easy to forget the brand’s humble beginnings. Indeed, some of the costumes have been considered so raunchy that critics have labeled the show pornographic and demeaning to women – an extreme opinion and one that I don’t personally subscribe to.

No, what really matters to me is what lies beneath all that glitter and gloss. Previously only available in the United States, Victoria’s Secret announced back in August that it was set to open its first UK flagship store on New Bond Street in 2012. Having blogged on here before about the problems faced by the fuller-chested woman, I’m keen to see if their products stand-up to all the hype.

In the meantime, though, I will be channelling my inner Gisele as I tune in to the annual boob-off. Do drop us a line if you’ll be watching it too, or to let us know what you thought of all the catwalk looks.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2011 takes place on 9 November and is broadcast on 29 November. The clock is counting down on the Victoria’s Secret website.


One comment on “The annual boob-off is back | Victoria’s Secret Catwalk Show 2011

  1. Helen Coakley
    November 9, 2011

    I love Victoria’s Secret, but when I was in their NYC store, I asked for a 34 A (dont laugh) of a bra and they said they didnt stock that size for pretty much all the nice stuff…and got directed to the ‘understated’ or rather ‘boring’ section!

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