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Ooh you sexy little plumper | 3 top pout-enhancing products

Big lips are big business. They are not only something every girl wants, but what every guy wants to be on, it seems. With some of the world’s most desirable ladies on the planet blessed with naturally bee-stung lips, such as Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts, it has left us mere mortals wanting the ‘power plump’ for ourselves. And while the surgery-induced ‘trout pout,’ as seen on Pete Burns and Leslie Ash, has served as a modern-day warning sign of what happens when it doesn’t go quite right, many of us are still on a quest to find a successful alternative.

That’s why safer options in the form of lip plumps, glosses, glazes and undercoats can be found in almost every beauty brand. And being no Lana Del Rey myself, I have tried an exceptional amount of them. Here is my low down on the best three.

benefit lip plump lip plumper 2011 beauty lips benefit benefit lips

1. Benefit’s Lip Plump. That’s a slightly deceiving name – this acts as more of a ‘filler’ and levels out the grooves on your lips to give a more fuller looking pout. Good if you’re sporting lipstick over the top, but due to its beige colour, you may look like you are wearing your foundation on your mouth if left bare. At £14.50, you probably need to know what you are doing with this to get maximum effect, or risk looking like Jodie Marsh.

Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory Boots Soap & Glory lip plumper lip plump big lips

2.  Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker. Not only is the packaging with this product ahhh-maaaz-ing, for £10 this is a true bargain that will last for ages as you only need a little at a time. Clear in colour, you can wear it nude or over a lip colour. A word of warning though; applying this plumper will leave you with a sensation similar to getting your hot on at Nandos.

Victoria's Secret Lip plumper 2011 lip plump

3. And the winner is… Victoria’s Secret Lip Plumper. This little beauty acts as my staple as it smells delish as well as being clear in colour, so you can use it any which way. The only problem is, the only place apart from the USA I have managed to bag it is in Heathrow Airport. Hopefully with the launch of the first UK Victoria’s Secret next year, I won’t have to travel so far to restock.

Do you know of any better lip plumping products? If so, do share!

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