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Is it ladylike to watch men fight? S&TS’s second Telegraph London guest post

Amateur Boxing Telegraph guest post KCL Boxing Club Faraz Pourreza-Jorshari

Your cultural calendar probably looks a bit like this: free exhibition, last minute gig, book launch, fashion fair, a musical or two. In the spirit of trying something different, I gave boxing a go (spectating not taking part) and wrote about why women might watch men box for Style & Then Some’s second guest post for the Telegraph’s London blog. I took my cue from Rihanna’s recent choice of heartthrob ex-boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy in her video for We Found Love.

Amateur Boxing KCL Boxing Club Telegraph guest post Faraz Pourreza-Jorshari Rihanna Dudley O'Shaughnessy We Found Love

The comments on the article have already got going in the past day or two – ranging from “Boxing is the male equivalent of Miss World” to “Boxing, wrestling etc turn a lot of women on, but I doubt they’d admit it.” What do you think? Can women appreciate sportsmen’s abilities while still turning up partly to watch attractive members of the opposite sex?

Read the full article here: Ladies, men’s boxing is a thing of beauty

Images: Faraz Pourreza-Jorshari.


3 comments on “Is it ladylike to watch men fight? S&TS’s second Telegraph London guest post

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  2. Boxing Training Fitness
    January 9, 2012

    A lot of male boxers probably wished more women felt this way haha

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