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More adventures in hair modelling

No, that isn’t a photo of my most recent Hallowe’en costume. The reason I’m dressed and made up like in that slightly preposterous manner is that I was hair modelling at Salon International, a big trade show that’s held at Greewich’s Excel centre every October. I was modelling for Easton Regal, a salon in Barbican, after they had approached me on Brick Lane, and I was given the ‘androdgynous’ look, complete with quiff, bow tie and what was termed a ‘strong brow.’ I actually really liked the pink and violet toner they put in my hair, but it faded out after a few washes.

My look was less severe, but still distinctly androdgynous, when I modelled again on Monday morning this week. This time it was for Ena Salon in Covent Garden, after I had been stopped by Jay, one of their stylists, when I was on Oxford Street last week. My hair’s now the shortest it’s been for ages but I really like it. And it was a fun morning too – one of the other hairdresser demostrating was a hot French guy, whose hot French accent was being translated into Italian for the assembled hairdressing students by a hot Italian guy. So that was pretty enjoyable.

As long as you’re not scared to go for a haircut that’s ‘directional’ or ‘trend led’ or any other euhemism for ‘a bit weird’ then I’d highly recommend hair modelling. You get free colour and cut, which is worth loads of money, you might get your make up done too, and sometimes you even get paid. Salon’s are always looking for models, so ring up one that you trust and see if they’ve got any demonstrations or presentations coming up. Or hang around Brick Lane looking ‘open minded’ and you’re sure to be approached.

Here are a bunch more photos from my latest adventures in hair modelling.


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