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Check out our video from the Grazia bloggers event

Katie and Dee at the Grazia bloggers event

Photo courtesy

I’m not sure I actually want to post this video because I cringe so much when I watch myself. But oh well, it’s good for a laugh anyway – just look at the open-mouthed screen grab at the start! Dee and I were filmed at Grazia’s first ever bloggers event, which they called a ‘blog brag.’

Grazia are doing a lot of blogger outreach at the moment, which is causing some debate amongst bloggers. This time they invited us down to film a short piece to camera (as they called it in media darling) explaining why our blog is worth reading. Obviously you, dear reader, don’t need converting, because here you are, but Dee and I did our best to convince Grazia’s fans why they should click through. It seems to have worked on a few people judging by compliments we’ve been getting on Twitter.  See what you think, and check out the other blog brags on the Grazia YouTube channel.


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