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The Creative Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas shopping can be somewhat stressful when trying to pinpoint that certain perfect present.  And being an absolute gift-goblin I have started my shopping progressively earlier each year since I have been deemed old enough to do it myself.  However, this tends to still leave me running around with a bee in my bonnet until late December, because what if, horror of horrors, there is something better for that certain person than what is already hidden under my bed?  And with many creative types to buy for, I believe the personal touch feels better than the whole 3 for 2 in Boots.  That’s why I want to share a few pain-free shopping ideas that I believe would be good inspiration for you, our lovely creative readers, if you are also this way inclined…

1.   Firstly, I was told today about and after a good root around, I found some perfect gifts for the photographer in your life, including this camera lens-style mug (with pull our biscuit tray!) for £14.99, as well as 35mm film USB sticks and iphone photo printers…

camera lens mug camera present unusal mugs tea lover presents photographer presents christmans presents camera lens mug

2.  Also, getting a gift for the perfect couple who have everything can also be a nightmare, so why not throw a double slanket (£52.99) their way!

3.  And finally, I came across this absolute beauty of a gift for any fashion blogger or style-lover from Moleskine on their site:

Style Journal

This Style Journal from Moleskine helps you record and manage everything from events and useful addresses, to inspiring outfits and designer  for all of us at Style & Then Some!  And at £15.99, I’m hoping to find one of these bad boys in my stocking this year.


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