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Going Dutch: Vogue Netherlands set to Launch in 2012

It is with giddy anticipation that I write these words:  Vogue is going Dutch!  That is, to be more precise, the power house known as Conde Nast has decided to launch the Fashion Bible in the Netherlands, thus giving Vogue its 19th international edition.

Why am I so excited?  Only because some of the slickest styles and emerging brands of late happen to be flooding out of Holland and its neighbouring countries (and into Britain no less, with Cheap Monday and Monki both setting up shop in Selfridges this year).  So it makes perfect sense that Vogue will muscle its way on to the stands of every news agents and the shelves of every stylish woman in that part of the world next year.

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With Dutch Glamour’s current editor jumping ship to take the reins at the newest Vogue, all eyes will be on Karin Swerink next year.  Maybe it would be wise to consult French Vogue’s top dog, Emmanuelle Alt, for tips on dealing with the Conde Nast pressure after she seamlessly replaced Carine Roitfeld as editor-in-chief earlier this year.

With 18 editions already available worldwide, do you think Vogue Netherlands will stand out as much as I am hoping?  And which Vogues do you, our darling readers, prefer?


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