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An Indian Winter | Marianne Cotterill Jewellery at Matches

Although the phrase is a bit of a cliché, the fashion industry is having a ‘microtrend’ moment. Back in October, Hermès unveiled their a limited edition Sari collection, with piece priced between £4,000 – £5,000 a pop (wow..) – a move designed to celebrate the opening of their new Mumbai flagship.

Never one to be outdone, Karl Lagerfeld also embraced the Asian trend earlier this month, staging a decadent Maharaja-themed couture show to showcase his ‘Paris-Bombay’ collection. The Daily Mail reported shortly afterwards that Essex’s finest David Gandy was planning to relocate to the Indian capital to open up a hotel.

Left to right: A sari from the Hermes collection; Chanel 'Paris-Bombay' collection; David Gandy

In the name of research, I had a quick scan of the high street to see if the microtrend was slowly surfacing – and surely enough it was all there. With my magpie instinct, one of the brands that stuck out the most for me was the Marianne Cotterill collection at Matches:

These pretty pieces play on the traditional Indian idea of a hath panja – jewellery which runs along the back of the hand from the wrist to the wedding finger. I remember my granny had an impressive set, in the gaudiest yellow gold with green inlaid enamel. Granted, they were spectacular but far too loud to wear day-to-day. What Cotterill’s collection does rather cleverly is update the classic design with a sprinkling of semi-precious stones and charms. Beautiful don’t you think?

Have you spotted any pieces that are working the Indian microtrend? If so, let us know @Style_thensome


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