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My Christmas Wish List by Helen Coakley

And last but not least, and may I add, with not long to go, it is my turn to follow in the footsteps of my celebrated peers and throw in to the black hole that we fondly call the internet, my highly unrealistic Christmas wish list! 

1. Rumi Neely’s hair.  Being a long-life fashiontoast lover, I do find myself feeling somewhat unworthy hair-wise when browsing her blog.  The length!  The bang on trend colouring!  The way it always looks so effortless yet fashionable…Grrr.

Rumi Neely hair Rumi Neely fashion toast hair rumi neely fashiontoast hair rumi neely haircut dip dye hair cut 2011 on trend dip dying

2. David Guetta.  Yes, I do get mercilessly teased and scorned for my awful taste in men and celebrity crushes alike, and yes so far David Guetta has been the worst.  I am so far yet to find someone other than his wife that shares my views.  So if you are out there, please do get in touch.  I would love to know there isn’t something dangerously wrong with me.

David Guetta dj David Guetta hot David Guetta crush David Guetta anonymous

3.  Pantone iPhone cover.  This is most definitely the most geeky item on my wish list.  I do find most designers go gooey over Pantone Universe products, and I am no excpetion (I also work with Pantone and have secretly been wishing for them to send me one).  Retailing from £29.99 and available from Amazon etc, it isn’t exactly cheap for a phone case, but hey, its damn cool.

Pantone universe iphone cover amazon iphone cover creative iphone cover iphone cover for designers pantone iphone cover iphone pantone cover pink iphone cover

4.  The Gun Tattoo.  As seen on the delectable Freja Beha Erichsen the World over, I don’t think I am alone is saying she made it acceptable for models to reveal they do, in fact, have a personality and sport inkings on the catwalk.  Not that I am saying I am a model, and in fact I am completely terrified of getting a tattoo, but if I did, it would be in the same vein (NOT physical vein) as Freja’s tongue in cheek, yet oh-so-chic pistol etching on her left arm.  All together now, who’s got a ticket to the gun show?!

Freja Beha Erichsen tattoos gun tattoo model gun tattoo Freja Beha gun tattoo Freja tattoos 2011

5.  Having in fact been on the precipice of buying this Barbour Wax Cotton Travel Explorer bag today, I have decided to wait until the Sales truly do kick in to see if its price tag does in fact get slashed.  Having gone away for yet another weekend to visit friends and family, I just do not have a decent enough overnight bag and am craving this Barbour beast.  Maybe this will be a ‘Happy January’ present to myself to stave off the wintery blues.

Barbour bag barbour waxed bag barbour waxed cotton bag barbour waxed cotton explorer bag

6.  The Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grimm.  Ever since I read a brilliant article on the Old Fairy tales and their ‘non-Disney’ origins in The Stylist magazine last month, I have been after a collection of the Brothers Grimm stories.  I feel, at the grand old age of 22, I am ready to face reality and no longer hide behind Walt’s Mickey Mouse illusions.

the Brothers Grimm fairy tales Brothers Grimm book Brothers Grimm 2011

7.   A Personal Assistant.  Now I am not claiming I am important enough to have one, it would just be nice for me and my scatter-brain to rely on someone else to sort all those bits and bobs I have to do.  No matter how hard I try, I will never be one of the ‘O’ Crowd (that’s O for Organised by the way).  Although maybe not a PA like Bubble…that might make things worse.

Absolutely fabulous bubble ab fab bubble ab fab pa absolutely fabulous jane horrocks

8.  World Peace!  And last but not least, and to sign off on a positive note for the whole Style & Then Some family, and in the words of Miss congeniality herself, lets all prey for World Peace the Christmas…and naturally harsher punishments for parole violators.

Miss Congeniality world peace all I want for christmas is world peace

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