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2011: a year in the life of Style and Then Some

I thought Annual Reports were only for FTSE100 companies and school children. But I was wrong – WordPress have given us a snazzy firework display of a report which details a year in the life of Style and Then Some.

The Style and Then Some annual report 2011

Click here to visit Style and Then Some’s ‘2011 in Blogging’ page

At the top is a skyline animation that casts each blog post as a firework, with the intensity of the bang varying according to how popular that post was. It’s cute, but slow – if you watch the whole thing you’ll be there for a while. Scroll down, and you can find out all kinds of facts about where are readers come from, how they found us, and which posts they liked best.

It may sound lame, but it makes me proud looking back at 2011, the innaugural year of Style and Them Some, and how far we’ve come since we started in May – rising to nearly 8000 hits a month. I want to say a big thank you to all our readers. Here’s to 2012, and even bigger fireworks next year.

Where our readers come from


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