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Back-to-School jewels | Me & Zena Stationary Collection

New Year and I have that familiar back-to-school feeling. There’s something about a freshly bought diary and donning a pair of squeaky-clean shoes (Christmas pressie naturellement) that gets my nostalgic juices going.

And so it is in the spirit of fresh starts that I decided to review this pencil-case inspired line by Me & Zena. I say fresh starts because normally, if I received an email from a PR promoting ‘Jewellery for the Unruly’, my mind would instantly conjure up images of that pre-teen Mecca Claire’s Accessories and I’d break out in a diamante induced sweat.

But breath. It’s probably a good thing that I did pay attention this time, as the line is actually very clever and has a tongue-in-cheek quality that I actually quite like. Taking inspiration from the humble pencil case, Edinburgh Graduate and Designer Zena Mckeown contorts pencils and slices apart sharpeners to create some rather interesting pieces (I particularly liked the ‘Big Sharpy’ ring in rose gold).

With fans like Eliza Doolittle, Pixie Lott and Marina Diamondis, it’s not unsurprising that the collection has an uber youthful edge. The lovely thing about quirky accessories like these, however, is that you don’t have to subscribe to the whole lot. One or two pieces is enough to liven up an outfit or – at the very least- your jewellery box.

The Me & Zena ‘Write On!’ Stationary Collection is available online now, with pieces priced from £16 – £44.

What do you think? Do Me & Zena have an inspired concept, or is it a gimmick too far? Tweet us @Style_ThenSome to let us know your thoughts


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