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New Year and Dozing in Las Vegas

las vegas america travel report nevada style and then some photography

A few quick points about Vegas – everyone seems to want to go and everyone thinks they’ll win money there. I wasn’t too bothered about going to Sin City since firstly I’m not a man so all the corseted girls, prostitutes and strip clubs aren’t exactly aimed at me. Secondly, I didn’t have any money and I’m pretty sure you can’t double nothing.

But Las Vegas was tons of fun. My grandma and grandad took me to Blackpool once a year with my sister when we were younger to “see the lights” – they’d have loved the Vegas casinos and all the promise held in those non-too-subtle lights and fake European monuments. It’s a dangerous place for anyone who’s ever played the lottery and the Venetian hotel has a canal, gondolas, opera singers and a permanent blue sky, all indoors, for god’s sake.

las vegas america travel report nevada style and then some photography

In Vegas, the dealers are pretty much all Asian and you’ll get men, mostly Mexican, clicking at you to hand out hooker cards all the way down the Strip. I heard that the reason they click is that it’s illegal for them to actually talk to you.

The Bellagio fountains are pretty magical if you’re into that sort of thing (I am) and I also loved seeing all the cleaners at work every morning with hardcore gamblers still sat in front of the slot machines – I felt rude so no picture of them slaving away in their glamorous surroundings. Wouldn’t be so glamorous if you couldn’t see your reflection in the marble now would it?

And there’s not many cities in the world where you can walk around fancy hotels just like that – every corridor in the Venetian has a different set of chandeliers overhead, the Wynn is just insanely opulent and the Mirage (where I stayed) has a huge vertical fish tank wall as you walk in, not to mention the “volcano” outside. A very silly city but worth a few days in if you embrace it.

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