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Here are some excellent new people we met at our Tweet Up who you should follow on Twitter

Fashion bloggers, designers, illustrators, and burlesque performers…these are just a handful of the Tweeters who came to our second fashion tweet up last week. Click on the links on their names to go to their twitter profiles.

Karen (above right) designs beautiful embellished Falabala tights, a pair of which she’s modeling in this photo. And you can just see on the left Chloe who is a fashion PR and has a blog, the fantastically alliteral Clo Clo’s Closet.

Here on the left, next to S&TS’s own Sophie Caldecott, is Hilary, who moved to London from Toronto three months ago. Hilary found out about the tweet up just by searching online (I was so pleased that it was easily googleable!) and I’m hoping to recruit her to do some fashion illustrations for us because she’s an artist, amongst other things. Check out her blog.

Here’s Jessica Chan #winning – her’s was the lucky ticket drawn in our beauty goodie bag giveaway. Jess isn’t actually on Twitter but you can visit her blog here. And you can check out the photos she took for us at the Ted Baker SS12 preview show last week.

Daniel (above) is a menswear fashion designer and blogger (yep, there were a LOT of multitalented multitaskers at the Tweet Up). Check out Daniel’s photography, design work and blog on his website.

Here on the left next to little old me is Olivia, Editor of TellusFashion, the emerging designer website that we went to the launch of last year. Olivia also has her own blog.

And finally, here, caught mid-conversation, are Ruth and Neil. Better known as @Ruthie_W and @Enhughesiasm, these two aren’t fashionistas as such (she’s in meedja dahling and he’s an IT person/comedian) but they give great tweet so you should follow them anyway.


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