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I’m going back to school

Not for good though. I’m starting a short course at the London College of Fashion.

Fashion journalism 2 short course at LCF london college of fashion

Along with beekeeping, I’m starting another extra-curricular activity this year. Although, actually, this one is kind of curricular: on Thursday evening I’ll be going to the first class of the fashion journalism course I’ve signed up for at the London College of Fashion. It’s actually called Fashion Journalism 2, because it’s intended for people who’ve already got a bit of experience. Hopefully three years of fashion blogging is enough to qualify me for that bracket.

Over seven classes of two and a half hours each, the course promises to help me ‘develop more journalistic confidence and forge a cutting-edge style.’ It’s taught by Paul Tierney, a journalist who boasts bylines in loads of top glossies and broadsheets. Since my writing skills are entirely self-taught, I’m really looking forward to learning from a pro, but also ever so slightly nervous he will tell me I’m useless and should give up immediately. Hopefully not though. Either way, I’m excited about my first day (OK, evening) at school and about meeting my new classmates. Here’s hoping I don’t get bullied/my lunch money stolen/sent to the Principal’s office. Wish me luck.

London College of Fashion runs over 200 different short courses in a range of different subjects. Check out the LCF website for details.


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