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The Olympics: Riches or Ruin?

The Olympics.  These two words conjure up a somewhat mixed bag of emotions for me.  As someone who has never been excessively involved in competitive sport, I find it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be swept up in London’s apparent ‘excitement’ of hosting this Summer’s games.  To the outside world, this is London’s chance to show off its shiny new Stadium and how well we can put on a jolly good show.  But for the rest of us, am I not alone in worrying this massive financial gamble may not pay off? 

olympic stadium stratford 2012 London olympics cost london olympics stadium cost olympics price stratford olympic park 2012

With an ‘expected’ £5.1 billion boost to the UK economy, it is no secret that the games in total may have cost us anything up to or over £9.3 billion.  And for a country with out an apparent pot to piss in, it seems Cameron has some serious mozzarella stashed away in his Olympic contingency fund.  Sarah Beeny would be proud.  And for anyone who lives in and around Stratford, or like me, takes that train route in to London, it may be wise to start planning a far away holiday to escape the inevitable inconveniences that no doubt will ensue.  maybe even sub-let your place and cash-in?  Now there is an idea worthy of a gold-medal.

Stratford westfield westfield stratford olympic park shopping stratford shopping olympic shopping Eastfield east fields straford

Despite my raging negativity towards the games, I do have to admit there are a few little positives I am fond of.  As a fashion blogger, and a GIRL any new mega shopping centre so easily accessable for me is always a bonus (especially as I managed to spot Taylor Lautner and R-Patz there), so Westfield, you have my seal of approval.  Other than this, the recent rumour of a Spice Girls reformation for the opening ceremony  has sent literal tingles down my spine.   Feel free to mock away, but who better suited for this than Sporty Spice?

Spice Girls olympics spice girls london 2012 games london olympics spice girls london olympics 2012 spice girls opening ceremony spice girls olympic bid spice girls reform 2012

What do you think?  Are you genuinely excited, or like me, completely underwhelmed?  Do share your thoughts…


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One comment on “The Olympics: Riches or Ruin?

  1. blondekatie
    January 23, 2012

    I share your negativity Helen – I’m sick of the Olympics already and they haven’t even started. The tube is going to be a NIGHTMARE. If I can’t get out of London I will probably not leave my house for the duration.

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