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Best Fashion Apps 360Fashion Network style apps beauty apps

We weren’t exactly ever the type to cry if we left our lipstick at home but now we’d gladly chuck all our beauty products out if it meant making room for our iPhone/BlackBerry/Android phone.

OK maybe that was an exaggeration. But you thankfully don’t need to stick a zany case over your phone to make it more stylish – there’s now tons of fashion, beauty and style apps to get your phone’s juices going this Fashion Week. And not all of them are full of amateur blogging snaps that make you want to smash your screen on the kerb in despair.

Best Fashion Apps 360Fashion News GB iPhone Android BlackBerry

360Fashion News Free (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, HTML5)
This is the brainchild of model Anina and 360Fashion News is a good-looking, photo-led source of catwalk news and blogger comment from around the world – which will stand you in good stead for the upcoming Fashion onslaught.

Best Fashion Apps Trendstop Fashion forecasts style apps catwalk apps

Trendstop Fashion Trendtracker Free (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry)
If you’ve already got one eye on S/S 2015, this is the app for you – emerging trends, catwalk and backstage videos and key designers and launches are served up for free but you’ll have to upgrade to get access to all of this trend forecaster’s precious info.

Best Fashion apps Pose style sharing apps blogger apps

Pose Free (iPhone, Android)
If you do insist on striking a pose, make it a good’un and use this style sharing app that lets you easily tell everyone what you’re wearing. You don’t even have to buy the goods – Pose encourages you to snap what you can’t afford. An app after our own heart.

Best Fashion Apps Top Girl fashion games gossip girl

Top Girl Free (iPhone, iPad)
A guilty pleasure to round off this list – if you got addicted to Farmville and Gossip Girl, this is your dream time waster. Top Girl is like playing with virtual Barbies with over 600 items of clothing, accessories and shoes to choose from and missions like getting a boyfriend and kicking off a modelling career. Worrying but we predict big things for this type of game.


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