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Logoed Liaisons: The Louis Vuitton condom goes ‘Viral’

Totes and holdalls are not the only type of bags Louis Vuitton is going to be known for from now on.  Oh yes, the news broke last night that a ‘Louis Vuitton’ condom has been released on the market.  As yet, we cannot confirm if it will be debuted on the catwalk, or even to which season it belongs, but only that it costs a staggering $68!

Louis Vuitton condom LV condom designer condom Louis Vuitton condoms Louis Vuitton rubber

With the news going viral (shouldn’t it protect against that?!) online and on twitter last night, it turns out the ‘Louis Vuitton’ rubber is actually not available in the label’s stores, and has in fact been designed in collaboration with the Design Provocation by architect Irakli Kiziria, and aimed at raising money for world AIDs day.  Whether or not Marc Jacobs was even aware of the project remains a mystery, as does how many Pitbull has already pre-orderd.  As always, the twitter banter regarding the luxury protection was in full-flow, with some of the best responses to the news including comments such as ‘shouldn’t it cost $69 instead?’ and ‘You would spend less money being Octomom’.  My personal favourite however, has to be some clever comment about this news being ‘so last year’.


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