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New Girl revisited

So, after being rather unimpressed with Zooey Deschanel’s character, Jess, in New Girl, I feel I should correct the record: I’ve been watching more of it since then, and Jess has really grown on me.

Perhaps it’s because she’s given up the ‘I’m not very attractive’ bit she had going in the first few episodes (in one episode there was this whole wannabe Bridget Jones thing where she supposedly had to wear a pair of child’s cycling shorts to help her fit into a dress – ugh, more than a little obnoxious), but all of her quirks have started to make sense and become endearing rather than annoying. I was on Zooey’s side all along, and I’m glad she’s relaxing into the role after all. In the episode ‘Jess and Julia’ her character makes some good points about women pretending to think and feel like guys when they’re actually engaging in exactly the same emotional language as the rest of us, and she points out how irritating it is when other girls judge you based on how ‘girly’ you are.

Speaking of how great Zooey is, she’s got a pretty cool blog called Hello Giggles, too. (Check out one of my favs, You Are Not Carrie Bradshaw – isn’t it what we’re all thinking?!)


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