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I think this might be the coolest apartment I’ve ever been in

‘Wait til you see Kelly’s flat, it’s amaaaazing,’ my friend Ashley said the other week as I was on the way to Shoreditch. When I got there, I realised she wasn’t exaggerating – I walked round it constantly going ‘OMG! LOOK AT THIS!’ the whole time because the place was so full of amazing retro trickets, vintage furniture and zillions of other kooky bits and pieces.

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Don’t be too envious though, because it could be yours too, for a while at least: the flat is available to rent on Airbnb, a new website that is sort of like a paid for version of, except for people with apartments that are so nice they could be classed as boutique hotels. This one is in Hoxton, East London and it’s called the Framery. They have rooms and flats to rent all over the world. Check out the Framery listing on the Airbnb website, but first marvel at just how amaaaazing the Framery is with these photos.


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  1. Traveling Saver
    March 27, 2012

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