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Mattijs at London Fashion Week AW12 // Who said C3PO wasn’t a style icon?

What? Mattijs

Where? Vauxhall Fashion Scout

When? Saturday 18th February 2012 11:15am

Who? Our friend (blogger) Jamie London Boy

Who’d ever though C3PO would be in Vogue?  Mattijs’ AW12-13 collection, aptly entitled ‘Starburst’ to reflect the heavily Sci-fi themed show, paid homage and drew inspiration from some unlikely characters… from a Galaxy far, far away no less. C3PO, R2D2, Princess Leia and Atreyu from the ‘Never Ending Story’ formed the basis of the collection.  Unfortunately, however, no Harrison Ford lookalikes were in attendance.

Despite my reservations pre-show (having read the press release, and being a life-long Star Wars Hater) I have to admit the colour palette laid down on the runway was near perfect, and as anyone knows, the best way to get me to change my mind is to distract me with something gold and shiny.  Thus, an array of gorgeous lame golds and tough jet black leather, teamed with splashes of Tangerine Tango orange (we TOLD you this would happen) bought a smile to my face.  I’m sure Chewy would have agreed.  This quickly transcended in to a wash of oceanic blues and mint to seaweed green hues, as if the collection was reenacting some lost Star Wars episode in which the Rebel Alliance did battle with the fallen city of Atlantis (I can’t be sure, but I think I spied some gold shell bead work going on).

Accessories also played a major part in the theme of the show, with metallic chokers and sci-fi styled cuffs adorning the models, finishing off the look with their ‘don’t mess with the Croydon facelift’ hair dos.  However, I would suggest sticking to gold for this, as I spied a bronze choker that was very reminiscent of the copper arthritis bangles you get down the chemist.

Of course, the collection wouldn’t be a Mattijs collection if it wasn’t peppered with pleating.  Incredible palazzo pants and midi length dresses glided down the runway, reaffirming pleats are every girl’s best friend, as previously mentioned by our Sophie Caldecott here.  Overall, the Mattijs AW12 collection travelled through the downright wearable, through to the self-styled Haute Couture, something the designer is keen to reveal in his press release.  However, with a few safety pins and fastenings on display which clearly shouldn’t have been, it may be a season or two yet before the label can truly play with the Haute Couture big boys.


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