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Shao Yen at London Fashion Week AW12 // Olympic Tweed

What: Shao Yen AW12

Where: Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Covent Garden

When: Saturday 18th February, 2012

Our final show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on the second day of London Fashion Week was somewhat of a bunfight (I hope this northern expression isn’t lost on too many of our Southern readers).  With a presentation being held by Shao Yen straight after a jam-packed Bernard Chandran catwalk show downstairs, all feet hop-footed it up the grand staircase to get a glimpse of the Taiwanese-born designer’s AW12 show, entitled ‘Class’.

With models perched on plinths around the show space, it did become somewhat of a mission to fight our way across (complimentary cider in hand), and dodge the oddly placed decorative TVs on the floor.  However, despite the blatant flaunting of health and safety rules, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to get up close and personal with the collection and behold the subtle detailing that controlled it.

The use of traditional tweed fabric and classic shapes were turned on their heads by Yen, who evolved these looks by adding a contemporary sports twist.  Elasticated cuffs and waistbands, as well as sporty drawstring adorned trousers and jackets, whilst classic tailored shirts were cropped and given unusual fluid lined hems.  The theme of the collection clearly reflected (ok, so the name ‘class’ is somewhat of a giveaway) a marriage between different social standing.

The use of very traditional fabrics in a thoroughly modern way goes against the general grain, but for Shao Yen’s AW12 collection, it definitely works, and has provided one of the most interesting collections I have seen so far this week, and all very fitting with the impending Olympics!  Let’s wait and see if the Queen will be spotted sporting a tweed tracksuit at the Opening Ceremony!

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One comment on “Shao Yen at London Fashion Week AW12 // Olympic Tweed

  1. Farrukh
    March 3, 2012

    Nice LFW entry. We made a video named ‘Chemistry Of Fashion’ at AW12, do have a look 🙂

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