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When it comes to skincare, I’m usually a wash-and-go kind of gal. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I might ransack my mother’s beauty draw now and then, but being both time and money-poor, her snazzy Darphin and REN products often remain untouched after a few weeks of furious buffing, cleansing and exfoliation.

This is not good. To cover up any bumps or blemishes, I have to apply more make-up than even Lauren Goodger could dream of. It also means that I am destined for a complexion of a plucked turkey, and last time I checked poultry chic isn’t the best look. But problem is, there are so many technical terms and jargon involved when buying skincare products that I’m completely nonplussed and too scared to ask for help in case I look like an idiot.

I was sent a few tester products by the nice people at First Aid Beauty (FAB) before London Fashion Week. Designed for sensitive skin types, the first thing I liked about the range was it said exactly what it did on the front. Yes, the best beauty houses might favour a minimalist aesthetic for their products, but I respected that they eschewed this (boring) design principle in favour of good old facts and some retro packaging. Respect.

The first product I tried was the Gentle Body Wash which, on a day-to-day basis, did the same thing as my ordinary shower gel. Granted there was less foam action but I found the clean, unperfumed wash left my skin feeling more hydrated. It really came into its own, however,  after shaving or waxing. Where my usual body wash would leave skin feeling a bit scratchy and puckered, the FAB product left my legs and armpits as smooth as a marble.

Next up was the Ultra Repair Cream for the body and face. I mostly used it for my hands and legs, reason being they were most exposed and neglected. The cream worked fairly well, clearing up any potential scaley surfaces – although I found the smell a bit reminiscent of Greek yoghurt. The best thing about the cream was that it wasn’t greasy – proven by the lack of fingerprints or marks on my smart phone screen – and I could feel a definite improvement after less than three days of use.

Last up was the Age Delay Eye Cream and my favourite of the lot. Eye treatments wouldn’t naturally be on the top of my beauty priority list, but the cream glided on beautifully and left my lids and bags feeling as plump and perky as Nigella Lawson’s boobs. I also found that the cream worked really well just before applying any eye make-up, allowing any eyeliner or shadows to sit more firmly on the lids. The tube is also dinky and great for popping into the old handbag.

So would I recommend the FAB products? Almost definitely. Priced between £8 and going up to £35, the range is hardly going to break the bank  – and I quite enjoyed trying three simple products that made a tangible difference to my skin, without having to digest any beauty jargon. If you’re a skincare-phobe like me, this is the perfect range to start with.

First Aid Beauty products are currently available at – click here to see the full range

Have you tried any of the First Aid Beauty products? If so, leave us a comment or tweet us @Style_ThenSome to let us know what you thought of them!


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