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Festival Fashion: Attempting the impossible

I won’t lie, I am not an avid festival-goer.  I have never been able to pull off ‘festival chic’ despite my best efforts and, honestly, despise those who can.  But this year, I have decided, seeing as I live a a short-stop away from V Festival, to partake in a day ticket and thoroughly attempt to give those naturally festival approved shlebs a run for their money (Chung, Moss, Watson, I’m talking to you).  And seeing as my all-time embarrassing crush, David Guetta, will be in attendance, this may be the reason I am spurring myself on!

Alexa Chung Festival fashion

And with 5 months to go, I am currently going to focus on the most functional, yet still focal point of any perfect festival outfit; footwear.  Seeing as it can only be classed as stupid to do a Sienna and wear Vivienne Westwood pirate boots in the mud (seriously, more money, else freebies, than sense) there really is only one practical choice, that being the classic Welly boot.  Thus, I have been getting a little over-excited at the prospect of a pair of metallic gold Hunter boots.  Well, if you are going to welly it, then Hunter is the go-to label.  However, at £95 a pop, just to roll around in mud in, it may be worth spray painting a pair and using the extra £90 on beer tokens.

Gold wellies gold welly boots gold hunter wellies gold hunters gold wells festivals 2012 festival chic festival wellies hunters festivals

Or some shiny quilted ones…

On the flip side, however, I did come across some financially friendly, yet stylish wellies on JuJu Shoes.  This biker-chic pair wouldn’t look out of sorts on Kate Moss’ tootsies and at £29.99 from Mr. Shoes you probably wouldn’t be so precious about getting a little grubby.  And could probs stash a couple of Jack Daniels minis down the sides too.

wellis festivals 2012 welly boots festivals wellies festival festival wells 2012 biker wells rock chic wellies

So, if any one has any style-wise tips on the perfect festival outfits and is an absolute festival pro, do share, and help the feeble!  It could be my last chance to impress Guetta…


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