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Kicking the Caffeine: A healthy start to Spring

Having been a self-confessed tea addict for the best part of 5 years, I have decided to try to kick the caffeine for Spring, and opt to replace many of my dietary ‘necessities’ with healthier options.  I mean, when it gets to the point where you don’t have a cuppa for 1 day and develop a serious headache, it may be time to call Gillian McKeith in (if she isn’t in some kind of psychiatric ward for people broken by I’m a celeb).  Now, I know this isn’t wildly patriotic, and I am sure one’s Queen would exile one  for ditching the age-old British tradition of afternoon tea, but it needs to be done.  While a good old sugary brew is my own person brand of heroin,  I have decided the best way to ween myself off is by slowly but surely replacing my mug with healthier fruit teas.  Currently working my way through the entire Twinings range, I must recommend the raspberry, strawberry and loganberry brew if, like me, you have a sweet tooth.

Twinings loganberry rasperry strawberry twinings fruit teas giving up caffeine 2012

I also plan on revisiting Yumchaa in Soho, who say ‘no to Tea-bagging’ and serve an extensive selection of loose leaf teas (I have sampled their mango flavoured one already, and I would definitely recommend).  They also lay out all their different teas on the counter so you can see what they look and smell like.

yumchaa soho berwick street tea house soho london fruit teas fruit tea house

And obviously, nothing beats a good cuppa than sipping form a fabulous mug.  Check out this ridiculously cute range of cups from Kinto entitled Mugtails, as well as these ultra cute mugs which are the result of a collaborative effort between We Are Tea  and the amazing artist Sunil Pawar (of Slingshot London fame), which are produced in limited runs of 350, and with new variations produced every six months.  Hey, if Kanye is a fan, who are we to argue. 

Kinto Mugtails cool mugs amazing mugs animal mugs unusual mugs

We are Tea, by Sunil Pawar 2012


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