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Creative Geek Alert // Capture the art of Colour Matching

From previous blog posts, you may be aware of my love for all things Pantone.  The iPhone cases, the mugs, the notebooks et al.  But what you may not know, is that aside from all the brilliantly branded Pantone Universe products they create (I’m talking the gimmicky stuff here people) they are in fact the leading force in colour matching for the creative industries.  

If you are a designer, buyer, merchandiser, decorator (the list is endless) and use colour matching in your job, then you may well be extremely familiar with Pantone.  And if not, then you should get familiar stat, as colour standardisation saves a whole heap of time, and money.  Through my day job I am lucky to work with Pantone, and get to test their new products.  And my favourite?  The Pantone Capsure.  This little device (the size of a mobile phone) can photograph ANY surface and provide you with the closest Pantone colour reference.  Nifty, no?   If, like me, you are constantly inspired but there just isn’t enough room in your head to remember everything, then this is where the Capsure comes in.  And it’s not like we can physically recall exact colours as well (that’s a scientific fact for y’all).  Priced at £459 it may seem like an awful lot of money, but like any investment, you make your dollar back, and in this case pronto.

Pantone Capsure 2012 pantone capsure device pantone capsure cheap pantone capsure stockist pantone capsure color matching tools pantone app

Check out this short video the guys at Pantone have created, to see the device in action, and if you do have any questions, contact the UK sales Mode Information Ltd office, official stockists of Pantone.


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