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What’s stopping you cycling? Tips and tricks for girls who bike

somerby-victoria-pendleton-bike cycling for girls stylish bike stylish bicycle halfords old fashioned bike

Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike £280

Bikes may be all very well on the PPQ catwalk but most girls I know wouldn’t dream of riding one to and from work, the wonderful Katie Wright excluded. Obviously there’s the vanity issue – boys hop in and out of the shower at work after a cycle in no time but wet or non-straightened hair everyday might not appeal to us.

But if we can get over this, what else is stopping us? I thought about why I’ve never cycled regularly – I’m not talking about occasionally jumping on a Boris bike or cycling around towns you visit when on holiday. I mean investing in a bike, getting some exercise and saving money.

First up, maybe you don’t like the look of the fixie bikes all the boys have got. You don’t have to settle for a creaky, old fashioned model with a basket on the front. Check out the Victoria Pendleton designed bikes that went on sale a few days ago (above) – they look pretty and they’re lightweight and easy to ride.

cycling-for-girls-cat-eye-bike-lights bicycle safety stylish bike accessories halfords

Cateye EL22/TL150 Bike Light Set £36

Then there’s safety. If you live in a big city like London, use TFL or a cycling website or app (there’s tons of free ones available) to find routes that don’t involve big, bus filled roads. And if you’re planning to bike after dark, get your hands on a set of bike lights like these Cateye ones below.

And finally, you want to make your new commute as pain-free as possible, so I loved the idea of this Real Comfort Bike Saddle that’s got infinitely more padding than standard saddles to keep your derriere happy for longer bike rides.

One more thing – don’t pedal when drunk, it’s not pretty and S&TS especially recommends not trying to cycle through Underground barriers when under the influence. You will not win.

cycling-for-girls-comfort-saddle cycling-for-girls-cat-eye-bike-lights bicycle safety stylish bike accessories halfords

Real Comfort Bike Saddle £25

2 comments on “What’s stopping you cycling? Tips and tricks for girls who bike

  1. emmalouluu123
    April 2, 2012

    Nice article, what about wearing light colours in case you are out after dark unexpectedly? I wouyld also recommend putting two sets of lights on a bike, my front light fell off the other week for no reason and I had to walk the rest of the way. Everyone should also carry a lightweight mac in their rucksack in case of unexpected rain, no one looks good when their top goes see through in torrential rain 🙂

  2. blondekatie
    April 3, 2012

    I’m so into cycling recently, I’ve finally got over my fear of facing central London (well, mostly, I’m still a bit terrified at times). My friend was saying yesterday she’s going on a 2 hour cycle course that TFL provide, where they take you one on one and ride your work route so that you can get used to it. Could be good for beginners too.

    Oh and that blue bike is GORGE.

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