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Snow White Overload // Sorry Twi-hards, the times are changing!

 Hey you! Are you a Twilight fan?  Can’t live without The Vampire Diaries?  You dressed up as Suki for Halloween last year? Well honey, sorry to put a stake through your bubble, but you’re so 2011.  Just like we follow popular trends in clothing, it also seems mythological creatures and fellows of fancy are falling in and out of fashion as quickly as puff-ball skirts and leather waistcoats.  With the end in sight for the Cullen Clan via the Twilight saga this year, studio bosses from the big screen to the little one (depending on the size of your home entertainment centre, mind) seem to be casting the coffins aside and paving the magical road with rehashed versions of our favourite childhood fairy tales.  The US show ‘Once Upon A time’ which premiered on Channel 5 in the UK last night, already has a cult American following and has been wildly anticipated as it is helmed by the writers from Lost.

ABC's Once Upon A Time 2012 Once Upon A Time Ginnifer Goodwin

And believe me, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is also released today in Cinemas nationwide and offers a fresh spin on the Snow White story for the Silver Screen, although this time starring Phil Collins daughter Lily Collins as the damsel in distress and Erin Brockovitch, I mean Julia Roberts, as the evil queen.   But if THAT wasn’t enough for you, the same, yes, SAME story is being rehashed by Universal Studios and is tipped to become the Summer blockbuster of 2012.  And by the looks of things, they have thrown some serious moolah at this movie.  Well, it is their 100th anniversary you know!  And if you are a true Twihard, don’t panic too much, as Kristen Stewart stars as the leading lady in Snow White and the Huntsman so the transition will be easy on you.

mirror mirror 2012 mirror mirror april 2012 mirror mirror the untold adventures of snow white mirror mirror julia roberts mirror mirror lily collins

So after a few years of what seemed liked an unrelenting onslaught of tangtastic blood sucking action, it seems popular culture has been sucked dry and is in dire need of an injection of fairy dust.  Whether you like it or not, you may just be swapping that Suki costume for a Snow White one this year.


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