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Christian Dior | Raf Simons to turn it around?

It has been nothing short of a long, tedious, and slightly irritating wait to find out who would take the glitzy reins off of the now condemned Galliano at Christian Dior.  And this week the rumour mill finally churned out a press statement and confirmed that Raf Simons was to head up the luxury label, and hopefully restore it to its pre-scandalous glory.

Raf Simons Jil Sander Raf Simons new head of Christian Dior Creative director Christian Dior head of dior

Raf, who recently resigned as creative director at Jil Sander, and who allegedly has no anti-Semitic verbal diarrhea to spew on the unsuspecting public, will still have his work cut out for him at Dior.  Known for his modern and sophisticated collections, the fashion world seems to be waiting with bated breath to see what direction Simons will take the brand in.  After years of pushing theatrical, spectacular and over-the-top creations down the runway, Dior has ultimately become synonymous with Galliano’s wild and breathtaking pieces, especially the Couturewear.  However, with the appointment of Simons, it seems there is more chance of Galliano being voted as the next Mayor of London as there is of the newly appointed creative director continuing down this same path.

SS09 Christian Dior Haute Couture john Galliano

Therefore, we will just have to wait and see if Raf can prove himself as a brilliant all-rounder, or if Dior have truly shot themselves in the foot…


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