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Trendabl or Trendadon’t? The new Fashion & Style App

Being fairly new to the iworld (a previous Blackberry bitch, and clearly, like the rest of the Universe, swapping alligance) I am now always open to trying out any fashion and style related apps I can get my mitts on.  My esteemed colleague, Sophie Cha, actually outlined many of these in a previous article for Style & then Some which I am currently working my way through.  But I have come across another, Trendabl, which I wanted to share with you, dear readers. 

Trendabl fashion app fashion and style apps style apps new fashion app trendabl march 2012

Having first heard about Trendabl on E! News (please don’t judge me) I assumed this was quite an established style app, seeing as it was being plugged on international TV.  Yet once I downloaded it, to be fair, it does seem rather new and glitchy (apparently the app was only launched last month).  Despite the basic premise of the app following the instagram suit (think of it as an instagram for girls and their shoes), e.g. upload a stylish pic and people can ‘Like’ and comment on your photo, you can also go one step further and easily tag the brand, the store you bought the items your photographing, and even give a price indication.  Something I find very handy.  However, I felt rather torn by this app.  I want to love it, as its easy to use and basically pocket inspiration, (how stylists ever lived without iphones and style apps is beyond me), but at the same time I am yet to find anyone else I know using the app.  Is it because it’s still quite new?  Or is it because it’s just not good enough?  For some reason also, some of my uploaded photos were deleted, and also many of the pics I had ‘liked’ to save for future reference were wiped.  Now, I am willing to stick by trendabl in the vain hope it will level itself out, but in the harsh and competitive world of fashion and technology, they may want to deglitch pronto.

Trendabl fashion app fashion and style apps style apps new fashion app trendabl march 2012

So, if you do use Trendabl, let me know your thoughts and whether you have had any problems using the app, or if I am just an unlucky first timer!  


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2 comments on “Trendabl or Trendadon’t? The new Fashion & Style App

  1. blondekatie
    April 29, 2012

    It looks like a fashion specific version of Pinterest. And since Pinterest has gathered a lot of followers pretty quickly I imagine Trendabl might struggle to compete.

  2. Helen Coakley
    April 30, 2012

    FYI Having road tested this app and given it numerous benefits of the doubt, I can safely say its awful. Glitchy glitchy, I no longer recommend.

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