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Don’t step on my blue (spiked) shoes

 We all know the drill.  We read the same recycled, rehashed advice dished out by every fashion editor every time girly, dainty trends hit the runway. ‘Toughen up your feminine look with a masculine bag…warrior style shoes…armour-type jewellery’.  Ladies, and gents for that matter (we are never the type to discriminate) we know you know this.  And we aint idiots are we.   But sometimes, these ‘tough accessories’ cant be taken to extremes.  The ongoing jewellery trend which has bombarded the UK high street over the last few seasons sees disturbingly larger and larger knuckle duster-style rings adorning the daintiest of hands.  And I’m sure must have done some serious damage in late night cat fights up and down the country.  However, the current trend that seems to have infiltrated the market and trickled down from the upper echelons of luxury (Louboutin, I am referring to you, good sir) seems to be based on medieval torture tactics.  I am of course referring to the super spiked shoe trend which is fast taking over.  And I’m not talking stiletto here.  Everything from loafers to  ballet pumps, Mary-Janes to skyscrapers, now come adorned with a full-on smattering of spikiness.  It was Christian Louboutin’s Rollerballs back in 2009 which kicked this off (which are still available for a cool £765), and now the likes of everyone from Steve Madden to Jeffery Campbell have taken it upon themselves as self-proclaimed ambassadors of the Chokey style trend (remember the Chokey, from Matilda?).

Rolling Spikes by Christian Louboutin rollerballs spiked loafers spiked heels spiked flats Christian Louboutin

Chokey matilda spiked shoes spiked flats

Despite personally loving the trend and seriously contemplating blowing a week’s budget on a pair of the Steve Madden gold STUDLYY’s, I cant help wonder if anyone has been seriously injured by stepping on someone’s toes yet.  If you are also keen on this look to ‘toughen up that dainty summer dress’ or do as I would and rock your inner Kate Lanpher (grown-up grunge babe alert) good old Topshop are also jumping on the bandwagon (in a range of colours and for the bargain price of £28), albeit watering the style down slightly for those of us scared of impalement…

Jeffery Campbell's spiked heels 2012

topshop spiked flats topshop spiked shoes topshop spiked loafers topshop spiked slippers topshop spiked slip-ons


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