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Is it a Bong? Is it a Sex Toy? Why, no, its the new MTherapy Beauty Pod!

Last week Katie and myself were invited to road test a new, innovative skincare system being launched by MTherapy, at the Savoy Hotel. Despite our initial reservations when we were confronted with what appeared to be something usually hidden in the back room of Coco De Mer, The ‘Beauty Pod’ as it is known, actually wasn’t as terrifying once it was explained.  

Publicised as the first of its kind, this at home device aims to ‘harness steam power to propel moisture, essential oils and compounds directly in to the skin’.  Now, you may be like me and that kind of beauty guff goes in one lug hole and out the other, so it was great to see this modern-day beauty Dalek first hand.

The MTherapy Beauty Pod beauty system 2012

For the sake of our (soon to be) award-winning journalism, Katie was kind enough to let me submit photos for this article whilst she was literally having hot steam blown on her face.  The small strange-looking egg type objects you can see below are known as ‘podlets’ which  contain all the magic ingredients which the Pod then blows on to your face…Just imagine a futuristic take on the age-old boiling water and flannel over your face in the sink malarkey and you can get the idea of what we were dealing with here.  Although Katie agreed she did instantly feel refreshed, with 4 ‘podlets’ retailing at £60 and the Pod itself at £269, it is definitely more of an investment than a new flannel.  But what a talking piece it could make at your next party!

The MTherapy 'podlets' MTherapy 2012 steam facial

The MTherapy Beauty Pod beauty system 2012

The MTherapy Beauty Pod and podlets are exclusively distributed through


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